I’m working on adding auth to the prisma-react-ful...
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I’m working on adding auth to the prisma-react-fullstack-basic. I have the mutation set up for signup as: signup(email: String!, password: String!): AuthPayload! When I try it out in the playground this way: mutation { signup(email: “test@test.com” password: “password”) { token user { id } } } I get an error of: { “data”: null, “errors”: [ { “message”: “Cannot return null for non-nullable field Mutation.signup.“, “locations”: [ { “line”: 3, “column”: 3 } ], “path”: [ “signup” ] } ] } I think I added all the needed files and dependencies etc. and ran prisma deploy again. Everything shows up in the prisma.graphql I have to go, I’ll check back later to see if anyone had any ideas.