Hey guys! Discovered your product today, and it's ...
# prisma-whats-new
Hey guys! Discovered your product today, and it's gotten me pretty excited. I'm finding the documentation problematic though; some of the Quickstart and beginners guides don't quite work. Is that something you're expecting right now? Feels kind of like there's some kinda transition going on that isn't quite finished.
The release of Prisma is probably partially to blame for that - if you'd be willing to record any issues you have, I think there's an issue on GitHub collecting those
If you go incognito, that may help
I've run into a lot of inconsistency during the day... I'll write up the ones I've stumbled onto most recently, but I think manually running through the guides to see if they work is kinda needed.
It's actually the Prisma documentation I'm talking about. Have I understood correctly that Prisma is the way forward, and not the graphcool libraries? Or are they intended to live side-by-side?
Prisma is a GraphQL Engine and Graphcool Framework will eventually run on Prisma
Hey @drdaz thanks so much for your feedback! Expect improvements to the docs and examples over the next week 🙂 If you run into a specific problem, creating an issue is a great help!