when I do "graphcool deploy" I get this aws error ...
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when I do "graphcool deploy" I get this aws error using the free plan, is the free plan dead? " software.amazon.awssdk.services.lambda.model.CodeStorageExceededException: Code storage limit exceeded. (Service: null; Status Code: 400; Error Code: CodeStorageExceededException; Request ID: 248bc49e-fd50-11e7-98ac-ad61076192d7)
@patcito no it's an error with the graphcool system. They are aware of it and the team are trying to fix it. See here https://status.graph.cool/
others are getting this error as well
well, it is an error from graphcool system, they forgot to provision more storage for the system 😄
it's an aws limit
hard limit
"Total size of all the deployment packages that can be uploaded per region 75 GB"
if it's a known limit it's still a graphcool problem, when my server breaks I don't tell to my client it's aws fault even if I hit an aws hard limit 😛
Any news on a timeline for a fix anywhere?
They are also working on letting you deploy their service to your own AWS account right?
I think this is already possible
I think it is kind of possible with their private cluster plans. I think they are planning on a truly open source possibility like Parse Open Source. Where I could deploy to AWS directly without going through GraphCool at all.
I wonder if people on the Private Cluster plan are not affected by the issue the current issue.
Oh wait, is that what this Prisma release was just last week. Reading about it now.
Yes, it Prisma.