Hello, if I use `prisma init` without using a boil...
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Hello, if I use
prisma init
without using a boilerplate, do I forego anything that I won’t be able to add later?
No. 🙂
Thank you! Do you also confirm that I can use Typescript even without starting by the
Indeed! choosing the minimal setup is only dealing with your Prisma service, not with how you connect to it. The other boilerplates additionally set up node or TS for you 🙂
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Nilan, another question please: I recall seeing a video somewhere which showed how to setup the graphql plugin on vscode and use it with prisma… or was I dreaming?
It's close to a dream, but it's reality 😄 You surely refer to the video here: https://blog.graph.cool/introducing-prisma-1ff423fd629e Would love for you to ask this question in the Forum, so I can post a quick guide there 🙂
Autocompletion for the Prisma binding works when using TypeScript.