At the end of the day, I'm just trying to setup em...
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At the end of the day, I'm just trying to setup email auth for a React Native app and am finding a disconnect between the CLI and Console in the docs
@ToraRTC Are you referring to the web GUI? If so those integrations (with Auth0 etc.), are legacy. In fact, the following functionality through the web GUI is legacy: integrations, permissions and functions. It's now all done through
(fka graphcool-cli or just graphcool). the CLI allows you to set permissions, create serverless functions, build your auth etc. See some templates here:
then prisma is the latest and greatest. they are going to integrate that into the framework at some point
How is anyone suppose to know that the web GUI is legacy. As a new user, that seems to be the way to get up and running
Having it there and active on new projects makes no sense if you aren't suppose to use it.
Shouldn't there be some kind of message that you shouldn't be using the web GUI?
agreed....I don't know. Good question. I did graduate from the web gui to the CLI and maybe I'll use prisma one day. The graphcool are moving really fast on the new tech and going from a BaaS model to a framework/hosting service business model. They are moving so fast they appear to have trouble updating the documentation and communicating the changes to the community
I feel like they could do a better job of managing the legacy code/documentation/web interface
I just don't understand how people are suppose to know not to use the GUI when that seems like the logical starting point.
most of the GUI works right? with the exception of the integrations?
I have no idea anymore tbh. My understanding of Graph Cool was the gui was part of the service. Now that I need to move from the GUI to the CLI I have no idea if I should be starting over or what.
So... I mean it works but not if I have to start over
the functions and schema can be copy and pasted
then the CLI means you can commit the code to git
there are new things to learn but it's a better workflow
i know it's frustrating.... they are a start-up and things keep moving (and sometimes breaking)...
sure. that's all fine. I just am completely confused about the disconnect & the lack of documentation on the subject. Def not giving me a ton of confidence with the product.
yep it certainly doesn't help their case. atm they have the 1. legacy web gui, 2. the CLI and 3. prisma. People are getting confused and asking which one they should use
they are under going a big shift in archeiture
Thanks for your help and explainations! Serisouly appreciate your patience. Going to do some thinking on my commitments.
so it's probably going to keep changing for at least 6 months
that's my guest but I'm not super close
I've been using the CLI and it's pretty good. I generally wait for their newer stuff to mature and the docs to get updated before moving over
prisma was release a a week or twoa go
*a week or two ago