Hi, I tried to change the field type in data model...
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Hi, I tried to change the field type in data model from Boolean to String and when i deployed my changes I was under impression that prisma will throw the error. However, It did not. For this I raised the issue https://github.com/graphcool/prisma/issues/1687 can anyone tell me why is this behaviour?
I think this is quite intended as it makes the migration process more robust. Havent really looked into prisma migrations very deeply jet though.
From what I understand after going through issue is, if there is already data in database for a field of say type A and if I change type of that field to say type B. Prisma does not update schema since it is breaking change and it does not even throw error or log any message for same. It should at least log a message saying field cannot be migrated.
@Raeesaa You are right. I was expecting the same thing.