Hohai everyone, has anyone ever implemented optimi...
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Hohai everyone, has anyone ever implemented optimistic updates with apollo-react/graphcool ?
In UI?
I think that’s more of an Apollo feature. Graphcool has no direct impact afaik.
@matic Of course ! @huv1k: The only use-case shown however, is when adding to a list. But there are no use-cases when trying to remove items from a list apart from this blog post https://medium.com/@j4mesjung/apollo-graphcool-optimistic-ui-for-delete-mutations-abc23f8aab18. The issue is that apollo-dev-tools aren’t working with React Native, so I can’t follow his advices >.>
you can read query and for example delete item with id or something
Yeah, but updates are different than optimistic updates.
wait for the response to come back, and then updates your store without refetching the updated data.
Optimistic updates
are done even before your query is sent