Another question - thanks for Bearing with me. My ...
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Another question - thanks for Bearing with me. My playground shows all these when I search - how can I use them? Don’t I need to expose them via my yoga server?
yeah, those are available server side, you can use them in resolvers or in the server playground
(new at GraphQL too, so somebody can probably give a more indepth answer)
but how come they are exposed on my yoga server?
if there is no way to use them via that playground
ah! this is happening because of graphql-import so, all types that touch posted are implicitly imported while you can see the types.. the underlying graphql api generated by prisma needs to be used via yoga! I hope that made sense.. and I hope I was right.. maybe @nilan can validate! 🙂
that makes sense - it’s kind of helpful to see all the available methods
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A GraphQL server based on Prisma usually has two GraphQL APIs, think of them as two layers for your service:

Application layer: Defined by the application schema (here is where you implement business logic, authentication, integrate with 3rd-party services, etc)

Database layer: Defined by the Prisma database service