any decent docs on how to work on field resolver f...
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any decent docs on how to work on field resolver functions like having a field which runs a resolver function in a query?
in your api gateway?
I implemented that the other day like this
is a “virtual” field in my gateway that depends on
in the prisma endpoint
I have an external places db available via api which I want to integrate with my graphcool resources. So a normal query will be like having an extra field which resolves to a function which is wrapping the external API. I read about the field resolver functions but haven't found any decent docs on it. Is it possible to do it without prisma?
client side isn't a good option for what i need, not sure about the server side wrapper either. can it be done on graphcool because I am not running any graphql server
not field resolvers
only functions
i’d recommend running a wrapping server, makes things like that neat
hmmm, will look around a bit more. thanks for the help