Hi everyone! Does anyone know if graphcool resolve...
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Hi everyone! Does anyone know if graphcool resolvers (which afaik run in AWS lambda) suffer from cold starts if not run in a while? I have an authenticateUser resolver which only runs once in a while (even more so since the app that calls it hasn't been released yet), and everyday, when I test the app in the morning, the login/registration fails a few times for no good reason and then it works the rest of the day. My current guess is that the container that runs my resolver is put into standby after some inactive time, so that when I next call the function it times out (or fails in other incomprehensible ways), but I can't seem to find anyone talking about this...
Resolvers timing out when starting after a longer pause happened to me lately as well, things seem to be better today though?!
Indeed, I just tested it and it didn't seem to fail, hopefully it's fixed! 🤞