Hi <@U0RQY0KK5>, Just an FYI. I’ve started seeing ...
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Hi @nilan, Just an FYI. I’ve started seeing aws Lambda errors - TooManyRequestsException while trying to deploy a graphcool-framework service. I eventually deployed successfully after a few attempts. A quick google suggests this occurs when there are more than 100 concurrent lambda executions for an account per region. It is suggested you can request an increase to this from amazon.
thanks @mark.james, that's super helpful 🙂 we'll look into this.
Hi @nilan, it’s happening again.
The full error is -
software.amazon.awssdk.services.lambda.model.TooManyRequestsException: Rate exceeded (Service: null; Status Code: 429; Error Code: TooManyRequestsException; Request ID: c559d1bc-09f7-11e8-951a-1b62cb6ce340)
I haven’t been able to successfully deploy for the last 30 mins as a result.
Any work around would be appreciated.