My data model is full of so many unnecessary field...
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My data model is full of so many unnecessary fields and types to combat,, and Almost 50% of my 1000+ line data model is useless code dedicated to fixing these issues. While I’ve finally converted my old data schemas to a working Prisma data model, I’m very frustrated that so much of my schema will need to be refactored once these issues have finally seen the light of day. Would be nice to see these fixed sooner rather than later.
I agree, it feels like a great portion of code I am currently writing in Prisma is a workaround or a temporary solution. I understand that the framework is still very young and in development. Prisma works great with regard to getting basic functionality out of the box. However, as soon as slightly more complex business logic is required, I feel like all the code I write tends to be a way to wind around the bugs mentioned above and a few other architectural blindspots I do not quite understand yet. It would be very helpful for me to have a few more "best practice" examples for complex scenarios. is a great starting point, however, almost no buisness logic is implemented. I think it would be great, if the Prisma team would mainain a complex yoga/prisma example like the airbnb clone mentioned above, with much more logic implemented and more best practice examples. Having such an example app with complex sample logic would also help catching issues like before releasing unstable versions, which makes the development frustrating. From my point of view, having such a maintained, complex, and well documented sample app is worth much more than a large, guide based documentation. Also, I feel like almost all scenarios that I am facing must be common to other developers and I feel like there is really a need from the prisma side to clarify how to handle them cleanly within the framework architecture. Are there any plans to continue development on the sample or another sample?
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@Moritz these are very valid issues that you bring up. perhaps you can open an issue in the prisma repo to start a discussion there?
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