after logging in via `prisma login` and running `p...
# prisma-whats-new
after logging in via
prisma login
and running
prisma delete
prisma deploy
, It now has me deployed to
instead of a public one? I am still getting no response in the playground, and the Authorization token has been added:
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Error: Server response was missing for query 'null'.
    at u (<>)
    at <>
    at <anonymous>
l is the public cluster. It'll name space you. The endpoint should go:
It looks like you're missing the name space.
ok, interesting since when I run
prisma info
I get
now I can get the schema docs at least, but all queries are still returning
Error: Server response was missing for query 'null'.
this is at
Your last url appears to be working. What happens when you use an authenticated token?
I just ran it with a token and the schema came up fine
ok, I refreshed the page after adding the token, queries are working now
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hey @Todd Humphrey the missing workspace name seems to be an issue that was resolved in the latest beta. here's more information: