has anyone gotten `Error: Cannot use GraphQLSchema...
# prisma-whats-new
has anyone gotten
Error: Cannot use GraphQLSchema "[object Object]" from another module or realm.
when running
yarn dev
using the advanced typescript template?
though none of the suggested fixes here seem to be working https://github.com/graphcool/graphql-yoga/issues/162
yarn add graphql-yoga@1.2.5 prisma-binding@1.5.
heh looks like the error shows up as soon as you run a query
uninstall prisma
that fixed it for me
you probably have it globally anyway
( not the bindings )
doesn’t seem to do the trick… wondering if i should uninstall the global version
or switch to the node project template
adding a
field to package.json is working locally
and a related issue in the prisma repo https://github.com/graphcool/prisma/issues/1928
another option might be installing deps w/ npm instead of yarn