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Hey GraphQL fans 🙌 Dennis Walsh (@lawjolla) has just published a guest post on our blog. Check it out if you want to learn about an elegant and declarative approach to implement permission rules in your GraphQL server using directives inside the schema definition! 😮 https://blog.graph.cool/graphql-directive-permissions-authorization-made-easy-54c076b5368e
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Thanks for the help @nikolasburk! And I got to party parrot myself -- more fun than you'd think. If anyone has questions, I'm happy to help or try to learn the answer.
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Is this approach applicable to the prisma backend or the yoga server schema? Or even both? Looks awesome 🙀
It's for Yoga. Describe your data as you normally would with Prisma and wire it through Yoga with the permissions attahced
Nice job, looking forward to studying it.
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