hey, I’ve been experiencing this issue for the pas...
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hey, I’ve been experiencing this issue for the past day or two and can’t see what’s up. When I run
prisma deploy
to prisma cloud I get this:
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Deploying service `XXX` to stage `dev` on cluster `XXX` 1.3s


  Class (Type)
  + Created field `lowerTitle` of type `String!`

  User (Type)
  ~ Updated field `avatar`

  FileToUser (Relation)
  + Created relation between File and User

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It just sits there spinning until I kill it, never ends. However, when I view my deployment history on app.prisma.sh I see that it looks like it worked:
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Jamie added 1 field, updated 1 field, added 1 relation.
4 minutes ago
But when I view the Data Browser I can’t see my new fields. Local stuff all works fine, just deployments to prisma cloud aren’t working for me. Any help/pointers are greatly appreciated. Thanks!