Hey all, I rolled out an update to my Prisma clust...
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Hey all, I rolled out an update to my Prisma cluster adding a `CLUSTER_PUBLIC_KEY`; first off , it didn't work, but now when I tried to remove it Prisma is unable to connect to the database layer. I'm using an external database layer, not the mysql container, so nothing has changed on that front. Anybody else experienced this?
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Fatal error during deployment worker initialization: java.sql.SQLTransientConnectionException: internal - Connection is not available, request timed out after 5002ms.
strange, I was previously using
docker-compose up -d
to update the containers, which didn't work. however, destroying the container manually recreating it did work. a bit concerning, because I didn't change any of the connection config. worried that prisma might blow up in the middle of a production deploy
This happened to me when I changed the key and the „graphcool“ database was already present. I assume that you can‘t change the key after you have already deployed before. Currently in the train, so I can‘t validate against the sources right now.