Since you can’t use PrismaCloud with Graphcool, ar...
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Since you can’t use PrismaCloud with Graphcool, are they kind of competing platforms? I currently have an app on Graphcool and I’m wondering if PrismaCloud adds anything to my stack or if I should consider switching
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@tomhut is right on the money. Here’s a copy of an answer I gave on hn just minutes ago:
Prisma is an evolution of Graphcool Framework. Graphcool Framework is a complete backend as a service that enable you to create a database, configure permissions and write business logic that is deployed to serverless functions. In contrast, Prisma focuses exclusively on the database aspect and brings many advancements compared to Graphcool. We have created some nifty open source libraries to bring a lot of the same out-of-the-box experience provided by Graphcool Framework to more traditional GraphQL backend development with Prisma, including GraphQL Bindings that provide smart schema stitching and auto-complete in your editor as seen in the video on
Perfect, that clears it @sorenbs, thanks for the response
@sorenbs Shouldn’t you write the answer to this FAQ some where and link to that everytime someone asks? I guess you recieved this question dozen times today 🙂
Great point @mo 😂
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