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@schickling - congrats on the launch. but want to point out as a new user of graphcool that the difference between graph.cool and prisma is extremely confusing. you really, really should invest the time to make this super clear. it also feels odd to me that while graph.cool is struggling with some basic functionality - i wasted hours trying to understand how to import data due to silently failing errors and very sub-par documentation - the team is focused on developing another product rather than improving graph.cool . What's the plan here?
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great question
yes, documentation is a huge issue (
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Thanks for bringing this up @lionstone! Prisma has a more narrow focus than Graphcool Framework in that it focuses exclusively on the connection between your backend application and your databases. This has allowed us to improve the core data mapping capabilities of Prisma much faster than we could in Graphcool Framework before. As an added bonus it allows a much wider audience to use one of the core features of Graphcool - the automatically generated CRUD API - in their applications. Increasing the size of the Graphcool/Prisma community is a benefit for everybody as it allows us to invest more heavily in the technology. As Clayton points out in a separate thread we aim to bring the improvements made in Prisma to Graphcool Framework in the future.
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As an app developer, I can relate to what @sorenbs is saying: one app helps build another, and improvements in the second app usually find their way back to the first.
Prisma can seem daunting to get started with because you need to fit a few pieces together to get to an experience that is comparable to Graphcool Framework. If you are interested in Prisma, then I’d encourage you to spend an afternoon going through the quickstart to learn ho graphql-yoga, graphql-bindings and Prisma fit together 🙂
@martin - that is exactly right!
The quickstart is definitely a great resource @sorenbs! I’d also encourage everyone who is coming from Graphcool to check out the following two blog posts, I think these really provide the essential understanding you need when switching from Graphcool to Prisma: - https://blog.graph.cool/tutorial-how-to-build-a-graphql-server-with-graphql-yoga-6da86f346e68 - https://blog.graph.cool/graphql-server-basics-the-schema-ac5e2950214e
If you’re trying to get into Prisma without having the knowledge that’s conveyed in these blog posts, you’re indeed going to have a difficult time in understanding the value Prisma actually provides. Hope that helps 🙂