I figured I should share this here as well (I popp...
# prisma-whats-new
I figured I should share this here as well (I popped this on the hn thread too). I’ve been working on a bastion server to go in front of Prisma. Documentation is still a work in progress. https://bunjil.js.org
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looks super cool, is there a quickstart?
Almost. There’s a simple example on the front page. But, I’m working on an example repo with Prisma.
Probably a couple days from the rest of the docs being done.
sounds good, I will check that out
@Owen Kelly Very interesting, especially the policy authorization! What are your plans for schema merging, especially since graphql-yoga already offers this?
My goal is to be able to merge multiple upstream schemas. But I also want to be able to hide a type or field from the public schema. Right now the policies can be used to block ‘Mutation::allUsers’, but I want to work out how to remove it from the final public schema.
@Owen Kelly there seems to be a bunch of very broken links in you documentation website
Yeah I’m still writing them sorry, will be done around the end of the week.
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