And one question from me personally. Are there any...
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And one question from me personally. Are there any plans or ideas of CRUD standard for GraphQL? (or maybe it exists already)
Isn’t the whole point of graphql to not need to put everything in the limited CRUD boxes?
It’s queries to get data and mutations to well.. mutate the data. So the mutations map to C, U and D, but are much more flexible and R are your queries
You are absolutely right, but that flexibility makes you to create a lot of bootstrap code every time. My point or even early suggestion is to have 1) naming conventions for standard CRUD operations 2) Schema/resolvers generators for such basic stuff, which then of course can be extended
Oh I agree, generally prefix your mutations with update/delete/create, queries is sometimes a bit trickier because what you as backend developer is not always the main reason it will get used on the frontend.
For instance say I have brands and product (product has a brand). Now to get the products for a brand I could get the brand and then filter the products on the brand to get results. With graphql you could also find the brand, limit to 1 result and then also asks for it’s products
@yarax thanks for bringing this up 🙂 we'll share some more thoughts on this here:
@nilan cool! 🙂 subscribed
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