Hey all, does anybody have any pointers about deal...
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Hey all, does anybody have any pointers about dealing with changing endpoints in a production application? For example, if for some reason I need to move from my own setup to Prisma cloud (or visa versa) and I have an application deployed to the app store how would I update the URL without redeploying the application? since the URLs are passed as environment variables and are already coded in the application. I read somewhere that you could get your application to hit an endpoint that then contains all of that information, and then all you need to do is update that one endpoint but I’m not quite sure how that’d work/if that’s the best or only option. On a related note, it might be cool if we could use our own urls as part of prisma cloud but I think that’s probably a slightly different coversation or one that should happen in github.
one way could be to use some sort of remote config, I know about https://firebase.google.com/docs/remote-config/, but there is probably more solutions
Awesome, thanks for the link, will give it a read 🙂
With the GraphQL Server in front of Prisma, you can simply update your connection information in there when moving to self-hosted or something else 🙂
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