hey guys, any idea why this hangs? ``` Changes: ...
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hey guys, any idea why this hangs?
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  User (Type)
  ~ Updated field `email`. It became required.
  ~ Updated field `password`. It became required.

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i think its because you have some fields empty and you didn't provided migration value
but its just a guess
if that's the case it's worth to report it to github as it's a bug
similar issue, but there is no change in required, so it might be something completely different
looks like it's a known issue ... https://github.com/graphcool/prisma/issues/1640 ... might be good idea to check cluster logs for more details
Yea, that is my case that last issue i got it back in jan
@horia.ancas I also got this when I left in an old @rename
thanks for bringing this up, @horia.ancas. You should be able to progress by deleting the field and adding it again, if possible. Or you can look into the DB to fix things up manually. We are collecting known cases of migrations that are failing to look into them at the same time. It would very helpful if you create a bug report, containing your "before" and "after" schema: https://github.com/graphcool/prisma/issues Thanks!