Hey, I’m kind of confused about Prisma. It it the ...
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Hey, I’m kind of confused about Prisma. It it the next “big” thing after the self-hosted graphcool service? Why do I need it? It seems that I would need to do manual work to configure it as opposed to just using the self-hosted graphcool service where I design the schema and I’m ready to go. Can someone clarify? I’m just trying to build a frontend management system app, is Prisma overkill? Documentation is not very helpful. Its referencing many other projects on github with not very good explanation how they relate to prisma.
I'd been using graphcool framework for 1m, just migrated to Prisma - it does obviously have more flexibility but also it feels more "mature". I'd have thought everything was the same except the choice and API to backend but even the GraphQL syntax is different (just a little) and the playground has more options. I'd recommend you to go for graphcool if you're just checking out GQL but if private project/production plan to use prisma. I'm guessing the real difference comes to selecting pro backends such as AWS.