hi , i am making a web app so far i have created a...
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hi , i am making a web app so far i have created a GraphQL server using graphql-yoga & using Prisma and deployed it on my local docker cluster - everything is working so far i can query it from playground - but for the frontend i am not using react js or any js web framework instead i am making app in haxe-openfl HTML5 target which will be an interactive app or website you can say ; but i am stuck how do i query from that. usually in REST scenarios i can make a request call to endpoints directly using http methods POST GET etc , but in the case of GraphQL i am stuck where to start how do i query my GraphQL server from the front end i make in haxe. thanks
most often you'd use POST to query a GraphQL server (the post body is your query), but some servers also support GET (the query is encoded in a URL parameter)
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this means i don't need Apollo or anything else to work with it ? please don't mind my stupid questions 😄 i know your time is precious ! thanks again
yes, you don't need. POST your queries to
<your server>/graphql
and have fun.
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However, you might want to closely integrate it with your front-end framework of choice.
Then you'll see the benefits of "ready to go" subscriptions, and state management for your components...and maybe you buy into some of this features to make a fast implementation of your use cases.
@cloudpilot hey thanks man , i didn't get any notification about your replies , thanks for the reply 🙂 i will try to do the POST query method today i hope it works good 😛