<@U9Y1AULFJ> Okay, thank you anyways! Someone at t...
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@joelseq Okay, thank you anyways! Someone at the reactiflux discord already mentioned, that this would probably only be possible with an own Graphql server.
going to reply in a thread instead of the main chat but have you taken a look at this? https://www.graph.cool/docs/reference/graphql-api/query-api-nia9nushae#fetch-multiple-nodes
something like:
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query {
  allPosts(filter: {
    id_contains: $urlHash
  }) {
    /* wtv data you want to get back */
i don’t exactly know the structure of your data but just as an example
also, if you are trying to return only 1 element you probably should use the individual query rather than the all query right?
@joelseq That's correct, but the point in my question is, that I want to prevent a third party from fetching big chunks of data by using general queries like 'all'. The change has to be made on the graphql server, not in my frontend. My frontend is just the requesting part of the chain. The API has to reject a query with 'all'.