Not sure if I should post this on the forum or not...
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Not sure if I should post this on the forum or not, just let me know. Anyhow, one of the things I really loved about the old API was how I could grab an aggregation of a nested field. For instance, I could grab a list of users and then, for each user, I could grab the number of transactions that they have made. Now, all aggregate data has to be grabbed through a FieldConnection which seems a little bit more annoying. Is there a way to grab nested aggregate data now? Like, grab users with the UserConnection and then grab the transaction count from within? Am I am missing something or is that not possible with the new API? Thank You
hey @Michael Jones thanks for bringing this up! I think Slack is great to discuss questions like this, but the chance to eventually get a reply is lower. Adding inner connection fields is an open feature request, which you can track by subscribing this issue: It's high on our list to implement that, and it would then allow you to aggregate across relations. Until then, it's fairly straight forward to implement the aggregation in your resolver:
Ok, wasn't sure if there was an issue relating to it! Thank you 🙂
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