it runs at <http://localhost:4466/server/dev> by d...
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it runs at http://localhost:4466/server/dev by default
And why is that line:
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server.start(() => console.log('Server is running on <http://localhost:4000'>))
in the end of the default index.js? The actual graphql server is running on 4000 or am I wrong?
you've got two servers that run, the database server and the application server
the playground runs at: http://localhost:3000/playground
Wait a sec, my current setup looks like this: I have my REACT application that runs on 3000 by default. It is completely separated from anything prisma-related. It only connects to 4000 via http using Apolloclient. I do have a playground, but only at: http://localhost:4466/app_name/dev And this playground does not support the resolvers, I wrote in the index.js of my prisma app. Of course not, because those are only accessible for my prisma app on 4000, if I understood it correctly.
I'm new to prisma, so maybe I'm wrong. But I wouldn't run react on port 3000 because that's where the playground runs by default
Anyone else, that could tell me, if this behaviour of my setup is correct?
well if you have react running on 3000 the playground can't