Is the graphcool cloud service still supported?
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Is the graphcool cloud service still supported?
I think so, but prisma is the current priority
supposed to be the backend for graphcool later on
Sounds like it's been abandoned because staff refuses to answer questions about it
yeah... i wish i didn't build my app on top of it
where and how is staff refusing to answer which questions?
to answer your initial question, GC is supported. @harmony is right, the focus is on Prisma. you can read more here
@nilan I have asked questions about authentication in slack, forums, GitHub but haven't had any replies. When you say "the focus is on Prisma", this does sounds like "do not build anything on GC"... I've tried to follow the evolution of the products your team are building by reading the blog posts and various clarifications of Prisma vs graphcool framework, but I found they mostly address the architectural directions of the open source libraries that power things like GC cloud and cloud services (which currently just provide Dev databases that erase themselves, so aren't really a even the same type of service that gc cloud was offering). I do want to say that I can appreciate and understand that GC is working hard to figure out what to build and is likely on the right path with Prisma , and that as a company it's totally up to you to find a market fit and decide what products you want to build and focus on. (And btw all of the libs and products of yours I've used have been of high quality and really cool). My issue is that originally coming to you via needing a service that did exactly what gc cloud does, but encountering several issues with getting basic necessities like auth working, it's been frustrating trying to get information on how to move forward. I'd recommed maybe adding some information on the home page that pushes people towards the newer approach the company is exploring if you have decided to "focus" on other projects, or updating documentation on gc cloud if you are continuing to support it
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