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# prisma-whats-new
Hey <!everyone> ✌️ prisma cool We just released v2.15.0 – this version is packed with improvements & new features prisma rainbow 🚀 Prisma Migrate now supports native database types (Preview) In 2.11.0, we introduced support for native database types in the Prisma schema that allow you to map Prisma's scalar types to more specific types in the underlying database. However, these have not been compatible with the current Preview version of Prisma Migrate yet. This release makes it possible to use Prisma Migrate with the native type annotations in your Prisma schema! 🎉 Check out the release notes for more info. 🌱 Integrated database seeding (Preview) A common requirement, especially for local development, is the ability to quickly seed your database with initial data. This is now possible with Prisma using the new 
prisma db seed
 command which is introduced in Preview in this release. Seeding is currently supported via scripts written in TypeScript, JavaScript, Go and Shell. The command expects a file called 
 with the respective file extension inside your main 
 directory. Check out the release notes for more info. Please provide feedback for the new 
prisma db seed
 command here. 💥 Throw exceptions in 
 queries if no record is found
With the new 
 option, you can now tell Prisma Client to throw an exception when 
 does not find any records. Here's an example:
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const user = await client.user.findUnique({
  where: {
    id: 10,
  rejectOnNotFound: true
// Throws "NotFoundError: No User found" if the 
// user with id = 10 does not exist.
If you omit 
, these calls continue to return 
. 🐘 Improved API for filtering arrays in PostgreSQL We've added some new capabilities to your 
 condition for filtering arrays in PostgreSQL: • `has`: a value is contained within the array • `hasEvery`: all values are contained within the array • `hasSome`: at least one values is contained in the array • `isEmpty`: the array is empty Here's an example:
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const admin = await prisma.user.findFirst({
  where: {
    id: 1,
    roles: {
      has: 'ADMIN'
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