Hey <!everyone> :v: :prisma-cool: We just release...
# prisma-whats-new
Hey <!everyone> ✌️ prisma cool We just released Prisma 3.4.0 prisma rainbow 🐘 Support for PostgreSQL 14 We are pleased to announce that Prisma version 
 provides support for PostgreSQL 14. For a full list of our supported databases and their versions, see our documentation. 🔀 Support for ordering by aggregate group in MongoDB In Prisma version 
, we add support on MongoDB databases for using the 
 clause in an aggregate function. This was previously available for relational databases. For example, if the data about your application’s users includes their city of residence, you can determine which cities have the largest user groups. The following query sorts each 
 group by the number of users in that group, and returns the results in descending order (largest group first):
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const groupBy = await prisma.user.groupBy({
  by: ['city'],
  _count: {
    city: true,
  orderBy: {
    _count: {
      city: 'desc',
For more information refer to our documentation about ordering by groups.  Initial support for MongoDB in 
prisma db push
prisma db push
 command is used to sync your Prisma schema and your database schema in development. Because MongoDB has a unique approach to database schema management, this initial release only syncs 
 annotations in your schema. Check out the release notes for a practical example of using 
prisma db push
 with MongoDB. 🔎 Introspection of embedded documents in MongoDB For those interested in helping us getting introspection of embedded documents right, we packaged a first iteration into the CLI. More info in the Github issue. 🚀 Prisma Client Go now supports the Data Proxy Connection limit issues got you down? By using Prisma’s Data Proxy, you can pool your connections to avoid overloading your database. With this release, Prisma Client Go can now read and write to the Data Proxy. Check out the release notes for more info about this! 🦦 JSON filtering support in Prisma Client Go We’ve had JSON filtering support in the TypeScript Client since . In today’s release, we’re bringing support to the Go Client. Here’s an example snippet of the API:
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logs, _ := client.Log.FindMany(
Learn more about how to use this new feature in our documentation and share your feedback in the #prisma-client-go channel here on Slack! 📚 Learn more in the release notes For more info and links to documentation, you can read the release notes. 🌟 Help us spread the word about Prisma 🌟 To help spread the word about Prisma, we’d very much appreciate if you would star the repo 🌟 And if you’re excited about the features in this week’s release, then help us and share your excitement on Twitter. 🌐 The Prisma Serverless Data Conference is happening on November 18 Make sure to claim your ticket for our free Prisma Serverless Data Conference about all things databases and serverless with fantastic speakers from companies like PlanetScale, MongoDB, Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare and CockroachDB. 📰 Join us on Thursday for the “What’s new in Prisma” livestream This week, my colleague @Alex Ruheni  and I will discuss the latest release and other news from the Prisma ecosystem in a 

livestream on YouTube

 on Thursday at 5pm Berlin | 8am San Francisco.
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