Hey <!everyone> :v: :prisma-cool: We just release...
# prisma-whats-new
Hey <!everyone> ✌️ prisma cool We just released Prisma
prisma rainbow 🧪 Referential actions support for MongoDB In
, we’ve added MongoDB support for
to specify how you want to handle changes to relationships. MongoDB does not support referential actions out of the box, but we can emulate this feature inside the Prisma Query Engine. Given the following schema:
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model User {
   id    String @id @default(dbgenerated()) @map("_id") @db.ObjectId
   posts Post[]
   name  String

 model Post {
   id     String @id @default(dbgenerated()) @map("_id") @db.ObjectId
   author User   @relation(fields: [userId], references: [id], *onDelete: Cascade*)
   title  String
   userId String @db.ObjectId
By specifying
onDelete: Cascade
, Prisma will also delete posts whenever the author of the posts is deleted. There’s a lot more to referential actions than cascading deletes. Head over to our documentation to learn more. Prisma exposes features and workflows that database vendors don’t offer. 🔁 Prevent referential cycles on MongoDB As part of getting
ready for MongoDB, we’ve tightened up our validation rules to prevent a potential stack overflow if you create a loop with referential actions. This change may cause some existing schemas using the
preview feature to become invalid, where your schema now errors out with the following message:
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Error parsing attribute "@relation": Reference causes a cycle.
If you run into this, you can learn how to resolve it with this documentation. If you’re still stuck, feel free to open a discussion, and we’ll lend a hand! ⚠️ Deprecating undocumented usage of
in Prisma Schema
With Prisma
release, the VS Code extension (and other IDEs using our language server implementation) will start to show a warning when detecting unsupported usage of the
keyword. We plan to remove that functionality entirely with the next major release of Prisma. If you depend on similar functionality for type aliasing, please comment on the issue. Here’s an example of a string alias:
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type MyId = String @id @default(dbgenerated(new_uuid()))

model A {
  id MyId
🔒 Prisma Studio improvements • Due to how Prisma Studio executes Prisma Client queries, it was possible to execute arbitrary code on Studio’s local server. This has since been patched. • Issues with viewing and updating models with
fields are also resolved. 📚 Learn more in the release notes For more info and links to documentation, you can read the release notes. 🌟 Help us spread the word about Prisma 🌟 To help spread the word about Prisma, we’d very much appreciate it if you would star the repo 🌟 And if you’re excited about the features in this week’s release, then help us and share your excitement on Twitter. 📰 Join us today for the “What’s new in Prisma” livestream This week, @nikolasburk and @Alex Ruheni R. will discuss the latest release and other news from the Prisma ecosystem in a livestream on YouTube today at 5 pm Berlin | 8 am San Francisco.
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