hey all :wave: love the work you're doing with Chr...
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hey all 👋 love the work you're doing with Chromeless! 💚 I have some questions around how Graphcool, and the community, handle their AWS Lambda development. When I started using Lambda, I could immediately see the value but found a lack of productive developer experience. Then I found Serverless (https://serverless.com/), which has delivered a big productivity boost when working with Lamdba I noticed your Chromeless proxy service (https://github.com/graphcool/chromeless/tree/master/serverless) is also using Serverless. I've also found some really useful starter kits for Serverless recently, such as
(https://github.com/postlight/serverless-babel-starter). It adds Webpack, Babel, Prettier, and Jest by default and other helpers such as live-reloading of functions locally and the ability to keep functions "warm". As I imagine Graphcool is a Lambda power user, I'd love to hear more about how you guys manage your Lambda development: • are you using Serverless elsewhere, or just for running integration tests with Chromeless? • how do you manage the development and deployment of Lambda functions, across multiple environments? • are you doing CI/CD with your Lambda functions? • any tips in general on building a great dev experience with Lambda 😅 thanks team!
Hey Lewis! Thanks a lot for your great questions! I’m happy you like Chromeless 🙂 We use serverless functions in combination with actual Graphcool projects (with the sls framework running on Lambda) for pretty much everything internally at Graphcool besides the absolute core. We’re running it in multiple environments and are currently improving our tooling around CI etc. We’re planning to write some blog posts about all of this in the near future! Stay tuned on our blog! 🙂
Ace! Very much looking forward to the blog posts. It's always valuable to hear about how other teams build infrastructure like this, especially giving developers the tools to be productive 👍