could someone help with a problem I'm having with ...
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could someone help with a problem I'm having with AWS lambda there is a function which references prisma that fails but for others works. Would someone mind going to this repo cloning and deploying with serverless
hey! Check this => It’s seems to be a permission bug
thanks for the lead @johannpinson I'm not using webpack, but am looking at the different npm versions with serverless, curious, did you try to clone and deploy it? Gathering environment data right now
just clone
and i have a TS warning :
Serverless: Warning: "rootDir" from local tsconfig.json is overriden
but it’s work
the error seems really to be about your file persmission, as described insde the issue given
this is also happening to others
You only have access to /tmp on lambda
That could be the issue
thanks @beb the issue was related to local file permissions and being unable to retrieve the module from the require statement