How does AWS AppSync compare to Prisma / Graphcool...
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How does AWS AppSync compare to Prisma / Graphcool Baas?
good question
Not comparison, just context
One thing I have noticed working with AppSync is that it is lack of “offline” support of dev tools. You cannot run AppSync locally. Things could change since I last worked with AppSync.
Assuming I dont care about offline support, are AppSync and Graphcool BaaS similar?
I think in some stance they are similar. A couple months ago, AppSync supported only AWS Dynamo DB. Do not if it is the case for the moment. I do not think also that AppSync will give you that much GraphQL experience as Prisma can. I do not think it is possible to run nested mutation with AppSync. Be aware also that with AppSync you need to learn VTL (velocity templating language)