Hey there, got some little questions: What is the...
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Hey there, got some little questions: What is the best service (Heroku, google cloud, etc.) for deploying a prisma service for free? I always get problems with heroku because the services are falling asleep after a while. Means i can't deploy to that service for a while, fetch data, etc. I also use Prisma cloud with the heroku binding to deploy my services. I didn't need to use docker for this, however i somehow feel that's not good practice. Would it be better to use docker even though i use the heroku - prisma cloud binding? (i think using docker would give me the option to deploy to any Webservice right?). I'm still fresh to this topic 🙂
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Afaik, the dyno sleeping is only a feature of a free Heroku plan. If you upgrade to a paid plan, your dynos won't sleep.
since i'm just a student and have no money 7$ /dyno/month would be quite a lot for me (i actually also would need the postgresql db, so that would be even more expensive :/)
Well Google Compute Engine isn't free but it's certainly not expensive. I'd say for simple POCs use Prisma Cloud. If you need to stand up and api along side your app. Go with now.sh. If you want to manage it all for dirt cheap. Go with Google Compute Engine
actually the free tier of Zeit Now + 10GB Google Cloud SQL seems to be a valid option. However, i might just stay for heroku for now since i'm testing out a lot of stuff and i don't have a credit card which i think is needed for google cloud 😅, but thanks for the heads up 🙂 Do you also have any advice on my 'good practice to always use docker' question? 🙂
sign up for google cloud platform and they give you 300$ free credit. And rumour is, after that runs out, you can contact customer service and say you plan to migrate elsewhere, and they can add generous amounts of credit to your account. You can go pretty far with that