Hello guys! I am looking for / working on a minima...
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Hello guys! I am looking for / working on a minimal graphql backend stack, which only needs one schema and support auth, validation and custom resolvers. The stack should forward simple CURDs (after validation and authentication) directly to something like prisma. I dont lke to write trivial boilerplate CRUD resolvers when it should be possible to just generate them out of a schema. I don't know, why this type of stack is so hard to achieve. I have seen a lot of trys, but nothing really production ready. For prisma, I tried: - https://medium.com/@lastmjs/advanced-graphql-directive-permissions-with-prisma-fdee6f846044 - https://github.com/Bkucera/prisma-graphql-dnd - https://github.com/prisma/graphqlgen But everything still results in too much boilerplate or schema splitting which is not a joy to set up. also www.hasura.io comes quite close, but the validation and authentication is qute a hassle. I just want to be able to deploy a simple api for a simple webapp with just writing the schema and a few custom resolvers for auth and maybe validation (should also be possible in something like a schema?) Has someone any ideas on how to approach this goal?