Hi! This might be a silly idea, but considering th...
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Hi! This might be a silly idea, but considering that the Open Api spec allows including "examples" (At least through Swagger), have you considered allowing using these for provider stubs? Could be useful for bi-directional testing.
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Not a silly idea! Something we are certainly looking into. We do want to be able to provide stubs for Provider contracts like we do for consumer contracts
SmartBear has some technologies in this space we’ll look to integrate to over time (e.g. their virtual server and mocking capabilities that SwaggerHub has).
We need a generalised solution across contract types
Nice! I'll watch this space.
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Hi @Jonatan Jaworski, This is indeed something we are looking into and would love to garner feedback from users, new, seasoned and all in-between. We have a developer preview program https://github.com/pactflow/roadmap#developer-preview-programs which you can register for. This feels like a perfect candidate to get some real world feedback about how people would want to use it, what it might look like and go from there. We've always wanted to be open and transparent and listening to the needs of the community and our customers, and what better way that our customers being able to directly shape our roadmap themselves. To anyone following this thread, if you any ideas, big, small, something someone else is doing that you think the Pact or Pactflow team should look at, or integrations with other SmartBear products you may use or simply just know of, please don't hesitate to reach out
@Wayne Ng you raised a canny issue earlier about SwaggerHub/Pactflow integrations. The above may be of interest, and the pactflow roadmap would probably be the best place for that kind of ticket as it would cover Pactflow and SmartBear commercial offerings, not directly related to the OSS roadmap board ( canny ) Apologies as I know it can be a bit confusing
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