Hi everyone. I have some questions regarding Pact ...
# pact-broker
Hi everyone. I have some questions regarding Pact broker: 1. Its possible for Pact Broker to create a diff between consumer contract revisions? For example to compare what changed between revisions published by consumers? 2. What is the max ammount of entries on the matrix? To assess the risk of out of space on the postgre database 3. its there any example of CI/CD integration between a consumer and a provider with github actions instead of the pact broker webhook?
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1. Yes, there is an endpoint for this.
2. There is no max. However, it is good practice to set up the clean function so that you don’t get performance issues from having 2 year old data hanging around.
3. You can set up a webhookless workflow as documented here https://docs.pact.io/pact_nirvana/step_6#alternative-webhookless-workflow
You’ll see the link to the example repository.
Many thanks