the page is still in the repo :thinking_face:
# documentation
the page is still in the repo 🤔
and the sidebars are still configured correctly
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"Pact Broker Client CLI": [
it seems like all the '/readme' pages are going to the index.
it's the same for pact go and all the other clients
Ok, the readmes are back. Luckily docusarus is configurable enough to allow you to override their features.
Thanks for raising it @kflorence
👍 3
Thanks Beth. That might have been me moving from alpha to beta. We had another contributor find an issue with the local setup (I think unpinned minor dependency change). When I addressed that, and some minor config movements, it looks like I may have screwed that up
I think we ought to get the build to fail if it detects broken links, which I think I saw in the Netlify output
but we also need a notification when that breaks