Hi, I’m getting this error: `This version of the P...
# pact-broker
Hi, I’m getting this error:
This version of the Pact Broker requires that both consumer and provider are specified for a webhook.
running this example: https://github.com/pactflow/example-consumer/blob/master/Makefile#L114
what version of the broker are you using?
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After running PACT_BROKER_BASE_URL=<https://badger.pactflow.io/> PACT_BROKER_TOKEN=48XwmdOofoH_cxzqBawHnQ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:${PWD} -e PACT_BROKER_BASE_URL -e PACT_BROKER_TOKEN pactfoundation/pact-cli version
I get 0.50.0
oh, you’re on pactflow. That’s the CLI version you’re reporting
Can you please share the error? That doesn’t seem right to me, but would need to double check
share the error? I have copied the error message
that’s the only message? With exactly the command in the Makefile? 🤔
This version of the Pact Broker requires that both consumer and provider are specified for a webhook. Please upgrade your broker to >= 2.22.0 to create a webhook with optional consumer and provider. make: * [create_or_update_github_commit_status_webhook] Error 1
that’s all i get
the command is this:
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# This webhook will update the Github commit status for this commit
# so that any PRs will get a status that shows what the status of
# the pact is.
	@"${PACT_CLI}" \
	  broker create-or-update-webhook \
	  '<https://api.github.com/repos/BadgerMaps/badger-docrouter/statuses/$${pactbroker.consumerVersionNumber}>' \
	  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' 'Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json' 'Authorization: token $${user.githubCommitStatusToken}' \
	  --request POST \
	  --data @${PWD}/tests/contract/pact/github-commit-status-webhook.json \
	  --uuid ${GITHUB_WEBHOOK_UUID} \
	  --consumer ${PACTICIPANT} \
	  --provider ${PROVIDER} \
	  --contract-published \
	  --provider-verification-published \
	  --description "Github commit status webhook for ${PACTICIPANT}"
Interesting. I wonder if the CLI is looking at an old HAL relation or something. Pactflow always runs the latest (currently
-pact-broker-version: 2.93.3
if you introspect the headers)
I’ll follow up tomorrow
in the meantime, worth testing if you can do via the UI
i will try
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It's saying that because it can't find the relation that allows it to create the "new" style webhook with optional consumer/provider. Why it can't find it, I'm not sure.
It may be that your user doesn't have the webhook manage permissions @Antonio Gámiz Delgado
Ok, it's giving you a 405 when you try to create the webhook, according to this code https://github.com/pact-foundation/pact_broker-client/blob/master/lib/pact_broker/client/webhooks/create.rb#L56
Can you run it with verbose turned on?
Hi! Sorry for the late response, I finally did it using it by hand (thanks @Matt (pactflow.io / pact-js / pact-go).
@Beth (pactflow.io/Pact Broker/pact-ruby) which user should have the webhook management permissions? The owner of the github token?
Also, do you know if there’s any docs for the --uuid ${GITHUB_WEBHOOK_UUID} option? I have been able to create the webhooks manually from the pactflow ui but I have not used that one so I’m curious
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pact-broker help create-or-update-webhook
  pact-broker create-or-update-webhook URL --uuid=UUID -X, --request=METHOD -b, --broker-base-url=BROKER_BASE_URL

  -X, --request=METHOD                                                                                 # Webhook HTTP method
  -H, [--header=one two three]                                                                         # Webhook Header
  -d, [--data=DATA]                                                                                    # Webhook payload (file or string)
  -u, [--user=USER]                                                                                    # Webhook basic auth username and password eg. username:password
      [--consumer=CONSUMER]                                                                            # Consumer name
      [--consumer-label=CONSUMER_LABEL]                                                                # Consumer label, mutually exclusive with consumer name
      [--provider=PROVIDER]                                                                            # Provider name
      [--provider-label=PROVIDER_LABEL]                                                                # Provider label, mutually exclusive with provider name
      [--description=DESCRIPTION]                                                                      # Webhook description
      [--contract-content-changed], [--no-contract-content-changed]                                    # Trigger this webhook when the pact content changes
      [--contract-published], [--no-contract-published]                                                # Trigger this webhook when a pact is published
      [--provider-verification-published], [--no-provider-verification-published]                      # Trigger this webhook when a provider verification result is published
      [--provider-verification-failed], [--no-provider-verification-failed]                            # Trigger this webhook when a failed provider verification result is published
      [--provider-verification-succeeded], [--no-provider-verification-succeeded]                      # Trigger this webhook when a successful provider verification result is published
      [--contract-requiring-verification-published], [--no-contract-requiring-verification-published]  # Trigger this webhook when a contract is published that requires verification
      [--team-uuid=UUID]                                                                               # UUID of the Pactflow team to which the webhook should be assigned (Pactflow only)
  -b, --broker-base-url=BROKER_BASE_URL                                                                # The base URL of the Pact Broker
  -u, [--broker-username=BROKER_USERNAME]                                                              # Pact Broker basic auth username
  -p, [--broker-password=BROKER_PASSWORD]                                                              # Pact Broker basic auth password
  -k, [--broker-token=BROKER_TOKEN]                                                                    # Pact Broker bearer token
  -v, [--verbose], [--no-verbose]                                                                      # Verbose output. Default: false
      --uuid=UUID                                                                                      # Specify the uuid for the webhook

  Create a curl command that executes the request that you want your webhook to execute, then replace "curl" with "pact-broker create-or-update-webhook" and add the consumer, provider, event types and broker details. Note that the URL must be the first parameter when executing create-or-update-webhook and a uuid
  must also be provided. You can generate a valid UUID by using the `generate-uuid` command.

  Note that the -u option from the curl command clashes with the -u option from the pact-broker CLI. When used in this command, the -u will be used as a curl option. Please use the --broker-username or environment variable for the Pact Broker username.