# pact-broker

Jeroen van Dijk

04/11/2022, 7:14 PM
hello 🙂 Question, should the Provider publish the results of a verification to the Broker, where there will be a Pact verification for each individual commit as part of a PR? Tagging if with the name of the PR? I think yes?
My initial thoughts were you should only verify the new Provider code against a Pact once the code was ready to be merged. But it may also be useful for others to see (via the Broker) how a potential new version of the Provider is behaving against a Pact?

Matt ( / pact-js / pact-go)

04/12/2022, 10:30 AM
You definitely want to run Pact verifications on all branches
We recommend publishing the git branch along with those results

Jeroen van Dijk

04/12/2022, 1:04 PM
Thanks for confirming Matt 👍