Hello, im getting my contract from the pactbroker ...
# pact-broker
Hello, im getting my contract from the pactbroker and it verifies correctly. But on the Pact broker itself, the last verified colum isnt updated. Consumer Version is 7.0 , Provider Version 2.50-SNAPSHOT with tag:test. I tried different consumerVersionSelectors like, tag test, consumer = consumername, and latest etc. The provider verification works so it has to get the right contract right?
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@PactBroker(url = "<https://pact-broker-url>",
            authentication = @PactBrokerAuth(username = "XXXXXXe", password = "XXXXXX"),
            consumerVersionSelectors = { @VersionSelector(consumer = "mint") }
In the last verfified colum it says "Created 21 days ago Pact with tag feature/TAAS-branchname has changed since last successful verification by ProviderName(2.50-SNAPSHOT...)"
have you set it to publish the verification results?
Also, be sure that you are always updated the version of the provider (the version should change if the code changes)