# pact-ruby


06/01/2022, 8:39 AM
Hello, the Readme states the currently version
of the pact specification is supported by
. Are any GitHub issues or Milestones to track the progress towards the support of version
of the specification?

Yousaf Nabi (

06/01/2022, 11:10 AM
Hey V4 spec is available in JVM and Rust at the moment, taken from
V4 Pact Specification
Pact specification V4 is here! We worked hard on listening to the community, after the release of v3, 5 years ago. We consolidation many of the requests people made about things that haven't worked quite properly. One of the biggest changes is consolidation the file format to allow for HTTP and message interactions with a single file.
📹 See an AMA from 2021 where Ron Holshausen took us through "

What's in store for Pact specification v4.0

📙 Read the V4 spec RFC for a full list of changes:
🚀 Implementations in Rust core and JVM has been completed
🌍 All our Pact specifications are open-source and you can see them all here
Plugins, Protobufs and gRPC (oh my!)
I'm not sure if we have tracking tickets for the v3/v4 in each language, but I hope to update and reboot our feature table soon and get some tickets tracking work, if we don't already have them either in each repo or on our canny board where you can submit a feature request, and people can vote on it
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Beth ( Broker/pact-ruby)

06/01/2022, 11:14 PM
I honestly don’t know what the plan is for porting Ruby to the ffi. I don’t have the headspace to pick it up. We need another Ruby maintainer.
It’s important that it gets done, so we do need something to track it.
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06/03/2022, 2:11 PM
Thank you for your answers so far.
FYI I created the following to Github issues to start tracking the progress: •
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