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#pact-net Release Announcement 🎉 Now that we've been in beta for a good while I think we're ready for a proper release of PactNet 4.0.0. I think we've ironed out any teething issues now, so thank you to all those that have participated in the beta and raised issues for me to fix 🎉 I've got the current latest beta running in production at my employer and everything appears to be working OK. Of course there will be more features and things to add in the future, but I think the core functionality is all there and the API can be considered stable. So, assuming there are no more big issues before then, I'm planning to release PactNet 4.0.0 on 6th June 2022. I'd do it sooner but I'm on holiday next week 😄
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Epic work, and also extending my thanks to those who have participated and worked with Adam on this. Enjoy the well deserved holiday my friend