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Timothy Jones

02/04/2022, 6:13 AM
As some of you know already, I've stepped down from maintaining pact-js to focus on other projects (technically last week was my last week as maintainer). The project is in good hands, though! @Matt ( / pact-js / pact-go) will still be around to steer the pact-js ship, and I think there might be some more contributions from other familiar faces coming up soon.. It has been several years now since I started maintaining pact-js - so many people to thank - but some specific standouts - @Beth ( Broker/pact-ruby) for giving me my first introduction to Pact on a few post-it notes (possibly on the first day we met), @Boris for initially suggesting we use Pact on a project we worked on together, @uglyog for agreeing to spend the time we were supposed to be talking about other things helping me with some pact-jvm issues, @Yousaf Nabi ( for taking the initiative to get
out of a git gist and into an npm package with nearly 70,000 weekly downloads, and of course my Pact-JS co-pilot @Matt ( / pact-js / pact-go) for being an excellent co-pilot, engineer and friend. The whole team of maintainers have always been friendly and fun to work with through our many many discussions, agreements (and sometimes disagreements). The project is in good hands, and I think the Pact user base will only grow in the next few years - especially now that #pactflow is a thing, making it easier for new and enterprise users to get into Pact. Exciting times! Thanks also to the many Pact users out in the wider community - especially the occasional contributors - shout out to @Artur Neumann for attention to detail and many many helpful PRs, and @Omer Morad for making things idomatic for Nest-JS users. The community of users and contributors keep the project alive, otherwise it would just be us maintainers. You make it all worth it! Finally, when I took up the Pact-JS reins, it was only possible because of the work of the maintainers + contributors that came before me (Tarcio, Michel, and others). Thank you too, past team! Even though I'm focussing on other projects, I still believe in the value that contract-testing with Pact brings to software development, and I'll keep using it (and probably will occasionally contribute PRs, who knows). I'll still be around on slack, but I'll take a break for a month or two to enjoy the sunshine first 😎 Keep on Pacting, friends. Oh, and please remember to put your framework-specific issues in the right channel 🤔😆🥰
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Artur Neumann

02/04/2022, 7:21 AM
I even don't know what emoji to use a a reply. 🚀 because you brought the project ahead or 😞 because you are leaving it? Thank you for working on it and for helping me with random questions. Hope to stay in contact and that your new projects will be equally fun

Matt ( / pact-js / pact-go)

02/04/2022, 12:05 PM
There’s too many things to say about Tim, aside from the obvious contributions to some of the most popular projects in the ecosystem. Dedicated, helpful, friendly, creative, passionate. It might be the last one that defines his time here. It extends from ideas to improve the direction of the project to the day-to-day interactions with the community. Each interaction is always humble, carefully considered and often detailed, but also not patronising - you’ll probably learn something from each response despite the friendly demeanour. See this piece of poetry for a recent favourite. Whilst I may have introduced conventional commits to Pact, Tim took it to a whole new level. If you’ve ever contributed anything, you may just have found yourself on the nitpicking side of a PR if you didn’t comply. I believe his diary entries may take the same form. I did make a promise to Tim to uphold these standards, and it didn’t take long! (apologies to @Patrice Krakow 😛 ), but a promise is a promise. Maintaining an Open Source project is very rewarding, but it also can be a source of stress, and we all deserve an opportunity for a break, especially given the past 24 months! We’ll miss you Tim, but enjoy your break! The 🚪 is always open 👋

Yousaf Nabi (

02/04/2022, 5:44 PM
This is such amazing news for all the new projects ahead that are going to get so much more Tim time. You’ve been such an inspiration in the community and you will be greatly missed but your impact will be long felt. Your engineering skills are impeccable coupled with your passion, and helpfulness, has made it a pleasure both for maintainers, seasoned pro’s and pact newbies alike. I would agree that Open Source is hugely rewarding, but it can take it’s toll and it is great to maintain a healthy balance but also to take time to get away from it all and have some time enjoying life, with family and friends. That is why many of your contributions for automation, help free up some of our maintainers and contributors to be more efficient with their time and work on what really matters, people and collaboration. Thanks for supporting me through my Javascript adventures, and helping keep my imposter syndrome at bay. Enjoy the sunshine and hopefully catch you out in Aus one day!
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