# general

Marcello Rigan

06/08/2022, 8:14 AM
Hey, i have an android and an iOS consumer that have the same provider and use the same Endpoint with literally no differences in response or request. The Provider Test would be identical besides the consumer annotation change. Is there a way where i can avoid that much code duplication and can have multiple consumers in 1 Test?

Matt ( / pact-js / pact-go)

06/08/2022, 10:27 AM
is it ever possible that they might call different endpoints or at different moments in time consume different parts of the API?
Do you already have good unit test coverage of your API clients in these apps?
If the answers to these questions (and others like it) are “no”, then I suppose you could.
But if you think of Pact first as a unit testing framework for your API client, it might seem a little silly to skip that part