1 month ago
    MoM for Community meeting 21st August:1. @tall-secretary-46573 presented a draft for an upcoming project - FLINT Model Gallery. It aims to display simulation reports from FLINT.Cloud, GCBM.Belize and Columbia on a website, preferably through Github Action APIs. For now, the current/previous set of mentees/interns can volunteer to build a base for the project and later onboard volunteers to improve it further. The next few steps will involve deciding the frontend tech stack and researching about the API. All discussions related to this will happen during community meetings to keep things transparent. 2. Re-assigned volunteers to work on the community website. I have further created beginner friendly issues that you can find here. You are free to open issues of your own in case you find bugs/enhancements on the hero section of the community website on branch. 3. Task updates from the rest of the attendees. Thanks everyone for joining us today despite the short notice. Please refer to the previous message incase you aren't added to the calendar.


    1 month ago
    Awesome! Thanks @tall-secretary-46573. What do you think the next steps are? Finalise the design document and begin pilot implementation? I sometimes find it helpful to think about a Meeting Arc:


    1 month ago
    Thank you for the link. It's indeed helpful! I will have words with Harsh and Sanjay. Then we will let you know how we are planning to move further😃