3 months ago
    Hey, I missed today's meet. Is it possible to provide the MoM?


    3 months ago
    Hii! Priya the discussion of today's meet was majorly around: • Understanding of GCBM inputs & GCBM Workflow explained by Padmaja to understand the same she put those link in the Channel. • Work Showcase by GSoD'22 & Outreach Intern. • Discussion around creating a documentation for Flint Cloud by me, to understand it better you can read the last text in #cloud channel by me. • A new project discussion by Harsh. • Namya raised a point of making the documentation consistent everywhere and last message by her in this channel talks about the same
    That's all. @mammoth-zebra-48407 please add to it if I missed anything to cover.


    3 months ago
    Hey, I ll put the MoM in some time, thanks a lot @steep-church-89185