3 months ago
    Minutes of meeting (MoMs) of UI-WGM (11 June, 2022): • Update for Community Website Design Revamp ◦ As discussed, @lively-advantage-93462 and @powerful-continent-89672 would be working closely on the Community Website Design Revamp. @mammoth-zebra-48407 and I will also be involved in this particular task. ◦ Initial phases would involve - updating the design themes, noting necessary components to be created as a part of revamp, implementing the initial screens (home page), setting base for future contributions. ◦ After that, we have a lot of potential contribution opportunities to make and glad to see active response from the community for that. • Update from Vue 2 -> Vue 3 Migration: ◦ Major Migration of Vue2 -> Vue 3 is complete (thanks to @many-spoon-48957 ) ◦ @bitter-egg-22620 has been actively making PRs for migration each components. ◦ All PRs related to migration are tracked here - ◦ Welcoming any sort of contribution in this area too! Migration Guidelines: ◦ Thanks @bumpy-plastic-43748 for PR reviews and migration tips 😉 Thanks everyone for joining! Indeed it was just another productive UI Working Group Meet 🤘😃😃 See y'all next saturday 👋


    3 months ago
    Awesome! 🚀 Thanks!


    3 months ago
    Hi @future-rose-69865, thanks for making this meeting happen! Is modules UI development/maintenance also part of the work. If so, is it possible to create an agenda item for it to track progress from next week? Thanks.